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Hi, I’m Kardena Pauza, owner of Edge Personal Training in Orange County! So many clients who have come to me have spent months and years trying every diet and fitness program under the sun only to give up in frustration. Well, those days are over.

When you train with me you will no longer need to try and figure out what exercise you should be doing, struggling to remember how to do the exercises, or trying to motivate yourself to get to the gym and stay long enough to see any results. All you need to do is show up and I’ll help you design the perfect fitness program to achieve your goals.

Kardena Pauza, Ms. America Fitness 2007


Unedited photos of my amazing client transformations! The before & after pictures that you see here are my actual clients.

I have struggled with weight for as far back as I can remember. As a sad pre-teen I started my high school years at almost 200 lbs. In school I would keep to myself because I was embarrassed of how I looked and thought everyone was judging me.  Kardena taught me how to love myself again and how to look at working out as a way to make me stronger – not just to lose weight. I lost weight AND toned my body so I have a sexy shapely firm body. What I learned with her stays with me every day. I now weigh about 145 pounds and I am happier and healthier than ever. Because of Kardena I learned the safe, fun way to work out. I owe everything to her. Thanks for helping me lose 55 lbs!

Carly, Growing up I was Always Fat - Until Now!

When I started training, my motivation was to win a bet with my friends to see if I could get a 6-pack in 4 months. This ridiculous bet turned out to be a life-changing event for me. I’m 5’8” and started out at 190 lbs and within 3 months I lost 35 lbs of fat and weighed 155 lbs. I really took Kardena’s advice on my diet and took my workouts seriously and they are not easy workouts! I continue to work with Kardena in order to keep my health manageable and achieve more goals. I’ve trained with other trainers before but what was different is that Kardena genuinely cares about her client’s true health, well being, and quality of life. Her training schedule is simple and flexible. Each workout is different and challenging that combines some intense cardio and weight lifting. It’s not easy but at the same time not too hard that you’ll die afterwards. It’s one of the highlights of my day since it’s very fun and helps me release the stress from a long work day.

Big T, I Lost 35 lbs in 3 Months and still Going!

* Results vary depending on starting point, goals, nutrition, and effort.

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Lose Weight & Get Toned

Let me help you learn fat loss secrets that make losing weight easy. My Metabolic Accelerating Techniques™ will work for you no matter your age. I’ve worked with over 700 people using these 100% natural techniques (no fluffy supplements or gimmicky equipment) – and now it’s your turn to get the body you have been wanting.

Customized Workouts

There is no magic pill, but with my years of experience working with all body types I will customize fun and varied workouts for your fitness level and goals. By keeping your workouts varied your muscles will be more challenged and you’ll enjoy workouts more. I’ll also make sure you’re doing the exercises properly with correct form so you’re getting the most impact from each movement – no wasted effort!

Gain Muscle & Strength

Working out is a tough practice of discipline and few people can do it alone. Most people working out on their own will get bored or side-tracked before they really start to make progress. Did you know that those last 5 repetitions that are burning are where you get 80% of your results? I will help you push harder to get the results you want faster.

Nutrition Counseling

As a certified nutrition specialist I will guide you on what to eat based on your specific health requirements and goals. I will never try and sell you on a weight-loss supplement but instead teach you the key to real lasting natural weight loss and fitness – understanding the foods you’re eating and how they effect your body and health.


Our Premium Benefits

  • Body-sculpting equipment

  • Nutrition counseling

  • Customized workouts

  • Increased energy

  • Improved metabolism

  • Exciting Circuit Training

  • Fun and varied exercises

  • Fat-burning plyometrics

  • Cardiovascular equipment

  • Free and body weight workouts

  • Accountability

  • Permanent habits

  • Easy Parking

  • Locker rooms

  • No membership fee

What’s so amazing about my fat burning personal training program is that you will…

  • Lose weight naturally without hyped-up supplements. The habits you create around fitness and nutrition will stay with you for the rest of your life. My goal is for you to have lasting results, naturally.
  • Have on-going coaching and motivation to keep you super-focused and hitting your dream weight. We all know we need someone to hold us accountable and working out is the same.
  • Have fun and enjoy doing something that’s great for your body! Your workouts will be energizing, challenging, creative, and you will always look forward to the next one! They will never be boring.

I lost over 30 lbs. working with Kardena. The workouts were fun, energizing & different. She always knew how to push me. Thank you, Kardena!

Cheryl, I Lost Over 30 Pounds!

I have worked out on my own and I have never received this much improvement in such a short amount of time. I have always had a problem gaining muscle and size. Kardena has helped me break through the barrier and I have gained 15 lbs. of muscle. She knows how to push me. I really recommend her to anyone who is ready to break through their barriers.

Patrick, I Gained 15 lbs. of Muscle in 3 Months!

I was on a two-month plateau with my own workouts. I dropped 17 lbs. in weeks with Edge Personal Training. My knee pains have diminished and I can now do dynamic leg exercises pain free! I used to barely fit into a size 38, and now 34 pants are loose!

Scott, I Dropped 17 Pounds in Weeks!

I lost 14 lbs. in 2 months thanks to Kardena’s customized program! I went from 29% body fat to 19% body fat. I sleep much better and I’m more focused throughout the day. I feel amazing! Thanks, Kardena!

Bridget, 14 lbs. Gone in Two Months!

I’ve learned so much. Before I started training I could only bench press 25 lbs. dumbells and I didn’t know anything about working out or how to get in shape. When I trained by myself I would only workout for 20 minutes, get side-tracked and leave. Now I get the support and advice I need to do the exercises correctly and the motivation to push myself every time. I’ve gained over 17 lbs. of solid muscle. I have way more endurance in my hockey games, and I am so much healthier. I couldn’t imagine going back to working out on my own!

Ken L., I Gained 17 lbs. of Solid Ripped Muscle and Kick Butt in Hockey

I’ve lost 16 lbs. of fat and went from a size 4 to a size 0…after having two kids. I have two wonderful children and I had the stretched out stomach to show for it. I didn’t think the lose skin and extra flab would ever go away and I was embarassed to wear a bikini. I also had a busy schedule taking care of my family and a full time career that getting back to my pre baby weight didn’t seem possible. I learned so much from Kardena and I always look forward to my workouts. She makes it fun, challenging, and never boring. Thanks to Edge Personal Training, I am back to my wedding day weight which was over 8 years ago! I am SO EXCITED! The last 5-10 pounds is always the hardest to get off, but I’ve done it!

Jeegisha, Went From A Size 4 To Size 0...After Having Two Kids!

* Results vary depending on starting point, goals, nutrition, and effort.


Will it work for me?

This is a question I get almost every time someone comes in to see me. I’m telling you, I have helped hundreds of people, from 21 years of age to my oldest client of 70, transform their bodies. I’ve helped new moms flatten their stomach. Moms who’ve had four children get back to their pre-children weight. Former athletes from 25 years ago and more get back into athletic shape. People who have never worked out before, to people who only do cardio and have no muscle tone. No matter where you’re starting from or what your goals are, we’ve done it. I’ve seen it all and gotten jaw-dropping results for all of my clients.

Is it too expensive?

Some people think having a professional fitness coach would cost a fortune and only rich people can afford one. Not here! You won’t believe how affordable my programs are. It’s the equivalent of going out to dinner in Orange County once a week. Anyone can afford that, AND the results you get will way surpass the benefits of one fancy meal.

Is it a lot of work?

Working out and being in shape doesn’t have to be a lot of work. It’s about doing the right things at the right time. Have you heard the adage, “work smart, not hard?”This also applies to getting in shape. I will show you how to get maximum results without killing yourself trying to get there. You will literally be torching the fat off of your body.

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