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Feel Sexy in Anything You Wear & Love How You Look.
Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach Shows You How
To Quickly Lose Inches and Keep It Off For Good!
Dear Friends,

Let me share something with you. You are Amazing and
Everything that It Takes to Have a Flatter Stomach, Slimmer
Thighs, Lose 20 lbs. in Just Weeks and Keep it Off! Learn Fat
Loss Secrets That Make Losing Weight Easy.

Good News! My Metabolic Accelerating
TechniquesTM will work
for you just as it has for hundreds of my clients  - it doesn't matter your age, past history with diets, or other programs out there ...forget all that stuff. Turn off the DNA in your body that makes you store fat.
Growing up I
Was Always
Fat - Until Now!   

"I have struggled
with weight for as
far back as I can
remember. As a
sad pre-teen I
started my high
school years at
almost 200 lbs. In
school I would keep
to myself because
I was embarrassed of
how I looked and
thought everyone was judging me.  I finally got sick of feeling this way so I asked my parents to help me find a trainer. They were so supportive then we found Kardena. Kardena taught me how to love myself again and how to look at working out as a way to make me stronger--not just to lose weight. I lost weight AND toned my body so I have a sexy shapely firm body. What I learned with her stays with me every day. I now weigh about 145 lbs and I am happier and healthier than ever. Because of Kardena I learned the safe, fun way to work out. I owe everything to her. Thanks for helping me lose 55 lbs!"Ě

~ Carly
Mistake #1: Believing Deceiving Food
Labels & Hyped Ads

TV, magazines, and radio have misguided
you into thinking that products like Breakfast
Bars & Cereals (not to name any names) are
going to make you slim and sexy if you eat
them. Their claims are so bogus and these
products are full of cheap ingredients,
sugar/carbs & hydrogenated oils that
make you fatter!
It's all hype to get you to buy
their product so they can make money! They'll
do whatever it takes to get you to buy their
product. Are these large companies looking
out for your health or their bottom line? We all
know the answer - they are looking out for their
bottom line. My interest is to see you looking

Most magazine and TV ads are paid ads by
these large companies trying to persuade you,
any way they can, to get you to buy their product.

Mistake #2: Buying Weight-Loss Equipment & Weight-Loss Supplements

Don't Be Fooled By These Gimmicks! I felt frustrated just like many other people did! The true information is not being given to you by weight loss companies. Have you seen the fine print at the bottom of these weight loss commercials? They say "when combined with regular exercise and a balanced diet." That's the part they don't want you to see! They want us to believe they have the silver-bullet or magical piece of equipment that will melt fat -  but all of these products fail. These companies sell unproven & unregulated supplements that may give you temporary or no results at all, with possible lasting damage to your body - just like phen-phen.
I Won 1st Place in NPC Competition after having my son!

"When work was going great, I was very busy and put my health on the
back burner and ate whenever and whatever I could get my hands on.
My weight and waist gradually grew under all the stress. On top of managing my successful business, I got pregnant with my son. After having my son I was a size 12 and I was sick of being heavy, tired, and feeling unattractive.18 months after having my son I dropped my baby weight, got down to a size 2and went as far as competing in the West
Coast Classic NPC Bikini Division and winning 1st place. I feel so amazing! Thank you!"

~ Nicole Z.
I Gained 17 lbs. of Solid Ripped Muscle and Kick Butt in Hockey!

"I've learned so much.  Before I started training I could only bench press 25 lbs. dumb bells and I didn't know anything about working out or how to get
in shape.  Now I bench press 85 lbs. dumb bells easily. When I trained by myself I would only workout for 20 minutes, get side-tracked and leave. The workouts are 1 hour of intensity. I get the support and advice I need to do the exercises correctly.  I get the motivation to push myself every time. I've gained over 17 lbs. of solid muscle, I have way more endurance in my hockey games, and I am so much healthier. I couldn't imagine going back to working out on my own!"

~ Ken L.
OC's Top Body Sculpting Pro,
Ms. America Fitness 2007
Kardena Pauza
Certified Personal Trainer
N.A.S.M. & I.S.S.A.
It's not your fault...
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I Lost 50 lbs. and Got in Champion Fighting Shape!

"I just kicked butt
again this weekend
and earned my
this year and fourth
medal as a Brazilian
Jiu Jitsu Blue Belt
fighter. I won GOLD
at California Classic
as the Middle Weight
Male Blue Belt
Master's Division
Champion. The best
and most exciting part
of this experience was I came back this year and beat the guy who knocked me out of this competition last year. It was a SWEET, SWEET victory. I was so stoked I almost cried.  Nothing beats standing at the top of that podium. It was AWESOME! Thanks to Edge Personal Training, I melted off 50 lbs., and I found a sport that I now embrace with all my heart. It's an unbelievable sport and it's a blast to compete. Thanks for changing my life!"

~ Ken K.
14 lbs. Gone in 2 Months!

"I lost 14 lbs. In 2 months thanks to Kardena's customized program! I went from 29% body fat to 19% body fat. I sleep much better and I'm more focused throughout the day. I feel amazing! Thanks, Kardena!"Ě

~ Bridget
Before > After
Before > After
Thanks for Getting me in Shape for My Modeling Shoot!

"I was always a thin person until I reached college. I couldn't believe it! I looked down one day and realized I had a poochy stomach that was never there before!"

~ Vanessa
I Lost Over 30 Pounds!

"I lost over 30 lbs.
working with
Kardena. The
workouts were fun,
energizing &
always different.
She always
knew how to push

Thank you, Kardena!"

- Cheryl
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Before > After
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I Lost 37 Lbs. and I Can Wear Shorts This Summer!

"Kardena, you
are awesome!!
Look at the face,
the arms and the
middle and you
can see where
those 37 pounds
used to be. I feel
so much healthier
now. I can wear
shorts this summer
(finally) and not feel
self conscious and I
owe it all to you. You
kicking my butt in the
gym, making me eat right, encouraging me to exercise on my own and generally being a super motivator have made such a difference in my life. Thank you!"

~ Holly
Before > After
Not to worry, I've done all of the work and
scientific research for you,
so all you have to
do is come in and be ready for some major
body, mind, & spirit transformation. 

So many clients who have come to me have
spent months and years trying every diet &
fitness program under the sun only to give up in
frustration. Well, those days are over.

I've learned from first-hand experience for over
10 years what it takes to be truly fit and in shape.
My genetics let me down at an early age. In high
school I ballooned up. As you can see in my
picture above...I was not a happy teenager.

My family started commenting on how much
weight I was packing on, I was so humiliated
& embarrassed.
I was bustin' out of the
largest size clothes that I had!

That was my wake up call!

There are a lot of hocus pocus weight loss
products, programs and schemes out there
that don't work. I found out the hard way. I
tried different plans and fads to lose weight.
Some made me feel really light-headed and weird;
some programs made me lose weight but then I gained it all back and more! Some just plain didn't work.

After doing tons of grueling research and testing on myself, I finally got past all the hyped advertisements & products & I got to the true source of being lean, fit, and sexy. Did you know that the lap band and all those fad diets only have a 10% success rate? That means 90% of the people put the weight back on. They don't teach long-lasting results. They just want to take your money and run.

I've worked with over 620 people using my Metabolic Accelerating Techniques
TM to achieve their fat loss goals - they were shocked at how easily it worked. It's your turn to get the body you've been wanting - just like my other clients have.
Kardena Pauza - Before & After
Before > After
Hi, I'm Kardena Pauza!

"This was me over weight and unhappy, now I am the owner of Edge Personal Training, I'm a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer for 10 years - ISSA & NASM certifications, Ms. America Fitness 2007, Published Author, Author of a Done-for-You Weight Loss Ebook, & Fitness Nutrition Coach Certified."
I have several questions for you...

      ∑ Do you have flabby thighs or a bulging belly that have been bugging you for months?

      ∑ Have you been putting up with feeling disgusting, being out of shape and humiliated
          because of your body?

      ∑ Do you feel uncomfortable in the clothes you wear and embarrassed by how you look?

      ∑ Have you tried every weight loss pill and weight loss fad out there with no success?

      ∑ Have Orange County boot camps been a waste of time and left you feeling discouraged?
Here are some questions I get asked frequently, so let me just get them out of the way now.

∑  Is It Too Expensive? 
Some people think having a professional fitness coach would cost a fortune and only rich people can afford one. Not here! You won't believe how affordable my programs are. It's the equivalent of going out to dinner in Orange County once a week. Anyone can afford that, AND the results you get will way surpass the benefits of one fancy meal.

∑  Is It Going To Work For Me? 
This is a question I get almost every time someone comes in to see me. I'm telling you, I have helped hundreds of people, from
21 years of age to my oldest client of 70, transform their bodies. I've helped new moms flatten their stomach. Moms who've had four children get back to their pre-children weight. Former athletes from 25 years ago and more get back into athletic shape. People who have never worked out before, to people who only do cardio and have no muscle tone. No matter where you're starting from or what your goals are, we've done it.  I've seen it all and gotten jaw-dropping results for all of my clients.

- Is it a lot of work? 
Working out and being in shape doesn't have to be a lot of work. It's about doing the right things at the right time. Have you heard the adage, "work smart, not hard?" This also applies to getting in shape. I will show you how to get maximum results without killing yourself trying to get there. You will literally be torching the fat off of your body.
These weight-loss supplements are a waste of time and a waste of your hard-earned money! I will show you how to Achieve Maximum Results Naturally with no fluffy supplements or gimmicky equipment.

Another scam is the before-and-after photos that weight loss companies use. They take pictures of someone who is already ripped and lean, then fatten them up and take a "fat" picture. Now the fat picture is the before picture and the lean picture is the after picture. What?!?!?! That's deceptive! It's true, though!

The before & after pictures that you see here are my real clients, who you will likely meet when you come work out with me.
Mistake #3: Going to the Gym and Working Out By Yourself.

Working out on your own is a tough practice of discipline and few people can do it. If you are one of the select few who can, kudos to you! Most people don't have someone holding them accountable to show up. Now once you are at the gym, what do you do? Do you know what exercises work what muscles so you can target the right areas and not miss any body parts? What about exercising long enough to make your body a fat-burning machine and to build muscle tone? Most people workout for 20 minutes, only to get bored or side-tracked and leave before they really start to make progress. How hard do you push yourself? Do you kou know that those last 5 repetitions that are burning are where you get 80% of your results?
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When you train with Edge Personal Training in Orange County, you will no longer need to try and figure out what exercise you should be doing, struggling to remember how to do the exercises, or trying to motivate yourself to get to the gym and stay long enough to see any results. Leave that up to us! With Edge Personal Training, all you need to do is show up and we'll do the rest. We'll keep you motivate, and we know what exercises to do and how to do them properly.
What's So Amazing About My Fat Burning Personal Training Program Is That You Will...

• Lose weight naturally without hyped-up supplements. The habits you create around fitness and nutrition will stay with you for the rest of your life. My goal is for you to have lasting results, naturally.

• Have on-going coaching and motivation to keep you super-focused and hitting your dream weight. We all know we need
someone to hold us accountable and
working out is the same.

• Have fun & enjoy doing something that's great for your body! Your workouts will be energizing, challenging, creative, and you will always look forward to the next one! They will never be boring.
P.S. My Fat Melting Program has worked for hundreds of people in Orange County who in total have lost over 2 thousand pounds. Life is much more exciting and worth living when you are "on the court of life and feel your best." Don't let life pass you by.

P.S.S. Remember, my guarantee-100% money back guarantee + $50 for your time is an opportunity to take the first step with no risk, it's so easy. This is your opportunity to try out my program on my dime.
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back!
Satisfaction Guaranteed!
or Your Money Back Plus $50 for Your Time!
I feel so confident in my program that if
within the first 30 days you are not absolutely
satisfied with my program & your results, I will
give you your money back + $50 for your time. If my program has not worked for you then I have not done my job and you deserve your money back. Your happiness and success is more important to me than money.
I also wrote a report highlighting ways to unlock your body's fat-melting potential. These 7 ways are so easy that you can implement them into your life right now & start getting immediate results. This is an opportunity to jump-start your fitness & weight loss goals, even if you are not ready to start working out with a trainer right now. And by the way, this report is free. Look above for my report on "How  to Turbo Charge your Body into a Fat Melting Machine." Just enter your name and email address, check your email account, and you will have your report instantly. If you dont want to wait, you can contact me now.
I can't tell you how many times I've heard these complaints from people who come to me with their last bit of willpower to try one last time, and you may be feeling the same way. I totally understand.

This is where everything will turn around for you. Your life is about to change...
What You Can Look Forward To:

You Will...
Model Loses
30 lbs. in 3

"I had gotten
frustrated trying to
workout on my own,
all my friends
would bail on me so
I knew I had to find
someone reliable
and someone who
was as committed
to my success as I
was. That's when I found
Edge Personal Training.

When I started working out I was a size 11 and I also suffered from depression. Getting up in the morning was a struggle and nothing motivated me to want to get up.

Now that I have been working out for 3 months, people I haven't seen in 3 months have been shocked when they see how much weight I have lost. My sisters who are marathon runners are asking me what I have been doing to lose all this weight. I also went to my favorite Thai Restaurant I hadn't been to in 3 months and the staff ran up to me and almost in tears hugged me, they were so shocked by how different I looked!

When I started training, my objective was to look better and to get more modeling jobs. I have lost 30 lbs and I went from a size 11 to now my size 6's are lose on me! I love the results I have gotten physically, mentally & emotionally. I have gotten so much nutritional advice and come light years ahead with my health and energy. I was never a 'morning' person and now I get out of bed early 3 times a week and I look forward to starting my day with Kardena. The workouts have really helped me pull myself out of feeling depressed and instead I wake up feeling excited about my day and grateful for my life.

The energy I have now has way surpassed my expectations. Working out with Kardena has been the best experience!"

~ Karen
Before > After
"I Put on 18 lbs. of Lean Muscle!

"When I first went to Kardena, I had very specific goals in mind.
I had always been slim, but I wanted to improve my muscle tone and
overall fitness.

After a lot of hard work coupled with a great deal of encouragement
and support from a great trainer, I was able to put on 18 lbs of lean
muscle. I have more confidence approaching women and I have had
more success getting dates.

Kardena is not only a knowledgable and experienced trainer, but a
great motivator. I'd recommend her to anyone who would like to improve
their overall physical fitness.

Thanks Kardena!"

~ Ray
Before > After
I lost 37 lbs. in 99 days and got rid of my allergies for good!

"Before I started Kardena's program I weighted 188 lbs. and had bad
allergies to certain foods, cats, dogs and pollen. What a drag taking
nasal sprays, prescription decongestants, and having to offset the
drowsiness with Red Bull just to stay awake at work, yuck!

Mark Then I took Kardena up on her workout program and finally learned
how to truly be healthy, have tons of energy & feel amazing! Not only did I
lose 37 lbs, but I also got rid of my allergies which I had for 15 years and
freeing myself from all those expensive medications and occasional shots...
YES!!! I hate shots. Kardena's system of coaching, training and mentoring is
by far the best I have ever experienced. I would recommend anyone who is
serious about getting bottom line results, like I have, to call now. It saved
my life, and gave me a whole new one at the same time. Forever grateful..."

~ Mark
Before > After
3 Common Strategies for Weight Loss that You are Probably Doing Right Now & Why They Don't Work.
3 Mistakes That You Don't Want To Make!
Ms. America Fitness-2007 Helps You Shrink Your Thighs, Slim Your Stomach and Tone Your Arms.
Lose your bulging belly fat!
Thin your thighs and lift your butt.
Your friends and family will be shocked and might not recognize you - you'll look so amazing!
Have lean, defined, sexy muscles in places you always wanted!
Fit into those skinny jeans you've been holding onto! You know the ones that I'm talking about!
Look and feel 10 years younger...give yourself a natural face lift!
Have 10 times more energy with no pumped up caffeine products!
Drop 1-3 inches in your waist!
Lose 4-7% or more of body fat in the first 8 weeks.
Have more restful sleep and wake up energized.
I Dropped 17 Pounds in Weeks!

"I was on a two-month plateau with my own workouts. I dropped 17 lbs.
in weeks with Edge Personal Training. My knee pains have diminished
and I can now do dynamic leg exercises pain free! I used to barely fit
into a size 38, and now 34 pants are loose!"

~ Scott
Before > After
Before > After
I've Lost 16 lbs. of Fat and I Went from a Size 4 to a Size 0...All After Having 2 Kids! AND I now Weigh the Same as I Did on My Wedding Day Over 8 Years Ago!

"I have 2 wonderful children and I had the stretched out stomach to show for it. I didn't think the lose skin and extra flab would ever go away and I was embarrassed to wear a bikini. I also had a busy schedule taking care of my family and a full time career that getting back to my pre baby weight didn't seem possible.  I learned so much from Kardena and I always look forward to my workouts.  She makes it fun, challenging, and never boring.  Thanks to Edge Personal Training, I am back to my wedding day weight which was over 8 years ago! I am SO EXCITED! The last 5-10 pounds is always the hardest to get off as you know, but I've done it!"

~ Jeegisha
I Lost 22 lbs. of Fat and Gained 10 lbs. of Muscle in 3 Months!

I'm your typical athletic type of guy; workout 2-3 days a week and mountain bike on the weekends. I came to Kardena for one reason and that was to change my perception on healthy living. I was gaining weight and having no energy during the day. I thought I was eating correctly using workout
programs that I knew, and that worked for me in my early 20's. Kardena
showed me how and what to eat. By adjusting my eating habits and her
workout program, I can't express how grateful I am with the results that I
got! In 3 months I dropped 22 lbs. Of fat and gained 10 lbs. Of lean muscle! Plus I have energy ALL DAY LONG!

If you're reading this, do yourself a favor and call Kardena. She knows what she's talking about! Oh, there is one thing you should know: by the end of her orogram, I did have to tailor all of my clothes!"

~ Chris
Before > After
Before > After
I Lost 20 lbs. For My Wedding Day!!

"First thing I can say is WOW, Kardena is amazing! She is an amazing person, friend and motivator! When I started training with her I weighed 155 pounds, and when my wedding came I weighed 135 pounds and I was really toned up. I lost 20 lbs. Of fat and I built muscle. I feel awesome about myself and I am training for my first marathon!

Kardena is nothing but positive towards her clients. I couldn't have asked for a better referral, and I would be more than willing to refer anyone and everyone I know to her!"

~ Falyn
Best Thing I Did For My Body!

"Meeting Kardena was the best thing I did for my body. She taught me how to eat right, gave me new workouts, and really motivated me to keep at it. There was a visible difference in my body within 2 months. Now I am exactly where I want to be thanks to Kardena! I strongly recommend Kardena for anyone to wants to see results fast.

In 3 months I lost 15 lbs, I lost 3 1/4" inches in my waist and 2 inches in my arms & hips."

~ Julie
Best Thing I Did For My Body!

"Meeting Kardena was the best thing I did for my body. She taught me how to eat right, gave me new workouts, and really motivated me to keep at it. There was a visible difference in my body within 2 months. Now I am exactly where I want to be thanks to Kardena! I strongly recommend Kardena for anyone to wants to see results fast.

In 3 months I lost 15 lbs, I lost 3 1/4" inches in my waist and 2 inches in my arms & hips."

~ Julie
I Lost 35 lbs in 3 Months and still Going!

"When I started training, my motivation was to win a bet with my friends to see if I could get a 6-pack in 4 months. This ridiculous bet turned out to be a life-changing event for me. I'm 5'8 and started out at 190 lbs and within 3 months I lost 35 lbs of fat and weighed 155 lbs. I really took Kardenaís advice on my diet and took my workouts seriously and they are not easy workouts!! I continue to work with Kardena in order to keep my health manageable and achieve more goals. I've trained with other trainers before but what was different is that Kardena genuinely cares about her client's true health, well being, and quality of life. It's not so much about making money or having to lose a certain amount of lbs but what I get is someone who really cares about my health and how it affects my life. Sheís always recommending healthy options to help me improve my health, cleanse my body and increase my energy naturally. Her training schedule is simple and flexible. Each workout is different and challenging that combines some intense cardio and weight lifting. It's not easy but at the same time not too hard that you'll die afterwards. It's one of the highlights of my day since it's very fun and helps me release the stress from a long work day. Motivate yourself to take the actions necessary and follow through, Kardena will guide you through the rest!"
~Big T, Irvine
I lost 50 lbs and got off my medications!!!

"I have been over weight my entire life and like most would be motivated and lose some weight and then be so happy with myself I'd eat to celebrate. I most often not only would gain the lbs I lost but then some until I started developing issues with my health. It started with high blood pressure and high cholesterol - which runs in my family history. When I went to my doctor and he told me I now also had elevated sugar levels and pre-diabetic. This news scared me as my mom lived with diabetes and I knew I did not want to live that life. I had to do something to change my lifestyle and stop dieting. A co-worker had trained with Kardena in the past and recommended her to me. I not only had never worked with a trainer but didn't even exercise at all. I called and made an appointment. When I started I was unable to bend in half, had lost my balance and was dealing with a bum knee. I started working out with her the end of July 2010 and have lost 50 lbs so far and feel great! I am completely off high blood pressure medicines and so far my sugar levels and cholesterol counts are normal. I still have another 30+ lbs to go but I am encouraged it will happen this time and am determined to keep it off With Kardena's background as a nutritionist, she has taught me what is best to fuel my body. She encouraged me to start juicing and cleansing my body. I have also learned to figure out other social activities other than meeting for a meal. Looking back I am amazed at how much of my social life revolved around food. My friends and family who I havenít seen on a regular basis just canít believe the difference in my weight, my size, my attitude, my energy and have been so encouraging for me. Kardenaís workouts are so much fun and I absolutely love going here. Iím so proud of myself for losing 50 lbs, 17 inches all over my body, 7 inches in my waist in just 6 months. I also had my Doctor check up and my blood sugar levels & cholesterol levels were all normal, which were elevated before seeing Kardena. My doctor was so impressed that he wanted Kardenaís information to send her more clients. Iím so excited, I can now go to any store and buy regular sized clothes, no more big girl clothes! I canít thank Kardena enough!"
~ DJ
I lost 30 lbs and play basketball like a champ.

"My basketball game was suffering and I was so tired after playing a night of basketball. The other guys had so much more energy than me and were in much better athletic shape. I love playing basketball so much and I was feeling down about my lack of ability. My coworker said he was going to a trainer so I seized the opportunity to do something about this issue and joined him. I have lost over 30 pounds in 3 months, I have so much more energy on the basketball court that my team is winning more and I am much stronger! Iím doing things in the gym I never thought I could like pull-ups. I went from a 44 waist to a 36 inch waist. Kardena is certainly the best trainer I have encountered. She tailors a workout to your needs, thinks of challenging routines that truly work out every body part imaginable. I come in different times of the day and each time she has something set up for me in advance. I recall many times I would go workout after work; the day drained me, I was tired, low energy and not really wanting to workout but I would drag myself to the gym... after my workout, my body would tingle and Iíd feel totally energized and I was happy that I decided to workout vs wuss out (Kardena's phrase). I am more than pleased! Thank you Kardena you rock out loud!"

~ David
I lost over 4 Ĺ inches in my waist for my wedding day!

"My whole life I easily stayed petite until recently. I was shocked to look in the mirror and see how much thicker my waist had gotten and my clothes werenít fitting anymore! I was in a great relationship and we were planning our wedding. It was a very exciting time! But, I didnít want to walk down the aisle the way I looked. I found Edge Personal Trainers and started their great get fit program. I thoroughly enjoyed the work outs; they were fun, energizing, and always different. The customized meal plan was just what I needed to give me the guidance for how to truly eat healthy! I lost 4 ľ inches in my waist going from 33 Ĺí down to 29 ľí. I lost inches everywhere on my body but this was my biggest focus. Iím so thankful to have found EPT in Irvine!"

~ Celeni
I Increased my Bone Density from Working Out!!

"I recently turned 53 and my doctor recommended a bone density test, the results showed I had Osteopenia, which is the early stages of Osteoporosis. Osteoporosis means porous bones. This weakens bone andmakes it more likely to fracture after a minor fall. Of course my doctor wanted to put me on Boniva immediately which is a hormonal drug that helps correct and prevent Osteoporosis. After 2 months of taking this drug, I got so sick and my bones were actually sore, felt like I had the flu!! I could not stand the thought of taking drugs for a life time, so I looked online and found that strength training and supplements of Calcium and Vitamin D would help make my bones stronger. When I started training with Kardena, I was not able to lift more than 5 pound weights, but by the end of 1 year of training with her, I was lifting between 10 and 12 pound weights. In 2012 , ever two years, I take the bone density test and my doctor was shocked, my bones had shown signs of improvement and were getting stronger!! A huge shout out and thank you to Kardena, you are awesome!"

~ Linda
Before > After
Before > After
I Gained 15 lbs. of Muscle in 3 Months!

"I have worked out on my own and I have never received this much improvement in such a short amount of time. I have always had a problem gaining muscle and size. Kardena has helped me break through that barrier and I have gained 15 lbs. of muscle. I personally like working with Kardena and she knows how to push me. I really recommend her to anyone who is ready to break through their barriers."

~ Patrick
Motorcycle Racer Gets in Amazing Shape and Wins
1st Place in Women's SuperStock Novice!

"I've been a competitive swimmer for years, but I feel stronger and more athletic after just a few months of working out with Kardena than ever before. That's because transforming one's body isn't just a physical endeavor. It's mental, emotional and nutritional. I tried to lose 10 stubborn pounds and with Kardena's help I have done it! My thighs have trimmed down, my belly is flatter, and my upper body is stronger than I ever imagined it could be.

Kardena understands this, and has helped my apply a whole-life approach that really works. Co-workers, friends and family have all noticed the difference in my body, posture and attitude!"

~ Sarah
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, San Clemente, San Juan Capistrano, Santa Ana, Tustin and much more.